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TNS Delicious & Sweet’s

A woman with strong willpower, striving and utilising all the available opportunities to grow her income for family. Nothing can stop a woman on a mission

Indian Cuisines ( Top-selling: Mutton Perattal ) & Indian Traditional Sweets

(Top-selling: Laddu , Paalkova , Besan Burfi and Candy

Laddu per pcs RM1
Pottu kadale laddu per pcs RM1
Dates laddu pet pcs RM1
Rava laddu with dry nuts per pcs RM1
Yumilicious mini gulab jamun per pcs rm0.50
Sweet muruku 500g rm12
Jalebi per pcs rm1
Rice flour laddu with dry mixture fruits & nuts per pcs RM1
Palkova 100 g RM5
Coconut candy 100g RM7
Mysore pak per pcs RM1
Mini athirasam per pcs RM0.80
Ompodi ori 500g RM12
Pagoda Muruku 1kg RM20 , 500g RM10
Ramba Muruku 500g RM10
Kari Muruku 1kg RM20 , 500g RM10
Star Muruku 500g RM10
Sivel Muruku 1kg RM20 , 500g RM10
Muruku 50 pcs RM30
Aachi Muruku 50 pcs RM35
Omma podi 1 bottle RM24

Order 3 days advance